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Volunteering in Guatemala


The MUNDO GUATEMALA Overseas Volunteer Program requires a minimum time commitment of 2-4 weeks but may vary from project to project. The program is open to participants of all age groups (18+) and professions. Some placements do require special backgrounds, education or skills, e.g. doctors, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, teacher amongst others. Volunteering is complemented with cultural activities and intensive language training, during which you will receive a country and culture specific orientation, including colloquial and conversational language training. Only for advanced Spanish-speakers can opt for "Housing & Volunteering only". Our aim is to provide qualified not simple placements, where participants can actively bring in their enthusiasm, skills, interests and energy to effect positive change. Volunteers do not only improve their language skills, broaden their world perspective, and experience a new culture as an insider BUT also make a personal contribution on a global level and gain valuable hands-on experience. Volunteering overseas is truly life-changing! Housing is with one of our friendly Guatemalan host families for 100% immersion. Meals are provided from Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, we are happy to arrange Bed & Breakfast at one of the beautiful colonial-style hotels in Antigua. Just let us know your preference!

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