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Challenge yourself !
Working in another country can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in your life. You will gain valuable international work experience, a new perspective of potential career paths, you will meet people who grew up in a different culture, make friends and start to understand true values and that despite the cultural differences we ARE all the same – human beings struggling to learn about life.


Volunteering might also bring up other challenges that you may not have faced yet. You will start asking yourself questions like “Why are they doing it this way” Don´t they know better? Why can't they just do it our way? They are lacking common sense. I can´t stand it when they… Why can't things just be normal?” – the culture shock hits everybody sooner or later.


Culture shock is the inevitable feeling of “difference” that we experience when surrounded by people whose lives are dominated by values, perspectives, behaviors and attitudes that are in direct contrast to the value system of your home country. The natural reaction is to judge that difference as better (my way) and worse (their way). Though it is called “shock”, it often appears in the form of confusion, anger, and/or depression. No matter how well you prepare for being part of a new culture, it is always necessary and healthy to experience those feelings of cultural adjustment as a natural step towards deeper understanding of your host country AND yourself.

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