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Edu Travel - Our educational programs are based on the criteria for responsible travel and strongly aim at showing open-minded participants the cultural, social and eco-political reality in Guatemala. This process of cultural learning and respectful interaction contributes to a better understanding between cultures and people. Besides tailor-made travel arrangements for single travelers and groups, Mundo Guatemala offers Spanish Immersion Language Training, Overseas Volunteer Programs and Internships. Through income generated through those educational programs, we actively support local development projects and NGOs in the area of community development, social work, education, health and animal rescue.

Course start is every Monday for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The interactive language training includes a mix of traditional conversation style and modern learning methodology that adopts a real life context reflecting multiple perspectives of daily life, culture & social environment of Guatemala. Our well-trained and experienced teachers focus on fluency-building, communication skills and grammar.

We recommend arranging weekend tours through our travel helpdesk or any other authorized tour operator or travel agency. Please consider that many travel agencies in Antigua operate without authorization, and in addition, use personnel that are partly incompetent, partly negligent, which can produce a 50:50 security risk for travelers. Guatemala is still a developing country and by using the cheapest offers, you indirectly help those pseudo agencies to exploit their staff and to continue with mal practice.

The initial orientation talk usually includes a first orientation on the most important security issues, in Antigua and while traveling, and we prefer, of course, that our clients book all weekend excursions thru us. Why? Our agency stands for socio-sustainable and responsible tourism, we pay fair salaries and exclusively work with service providers who are a) authorized through INGUAT; and b) apply fair policies themselves. Our personnel is reliable and competent, they will go out of their way to help you. All vehicles are well-maintained and registered as tourism vehicle with INGUAT & CAMTUR. Through your bookings you help us to keep up our active support towards the local community development, as we aim to continuously support local developing projects in the area of education, social work, medicine/health, animal rescue, environment protection through financial contributions as well as other donations, like clothing, medicine, food.

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